Fabia R2

With the FABIA R2, Škoda is introducing a new rally car in the market, which is to be used in the rally category R2. The car was developed, extensively tested, and prepared to its use in rallies for almost two years.

In principle, the Fabia R2 is based on the series model of the popular small car, but there are significant differences in its engine, undercarriage, axle kinematics, and gearbox.

Compared to the series model, the undercarriage was changed considerably and the axle kinematics was adapted for its application in motor sports.

Furthermore, the Fabia R2 possesses a sequentially operated gearbox. Under the hood, a powerful 1.6 l 16V engine puts out 132 kW.

The maximum torque amounts to 194Nm at 5500 rpm.





Fabia R2

In 2009, the team needs Impromat Motorsport built new, modern workshop equipped with modern technical equipment. An integral part of the tire and spacious wash box. The premises also include a workshop, then adequate outdoor space for parking cars and prepared service fleet.

These new facilities were the basis for the emergence of a new project FABIA R2.

A professional team of mechanics currently provides for construction of new cars, their further development and testing.

In the background is a full service preparation of vehicles from rally cars, as well as maintenance after race.


A team of professional mechanics undergo regular training and upgrading skills. It is carefully and reliably guarantee the work done, which is reflected in the reliability of the FABIA and R2.

We offer competitive lease Skoda FABIA R2 security team, including mechanics, service advisors and team support.

We offer these services for Spain and Latin America market, for different launches and a full season.

As a manufacturer FABIA R2 provide their continuous development and testing. We also provide service, repair and sell spare parts.

For more information, please contact us.

To create the optimal price offer please give:

  • Place in the competition
  • Number of kilometers of special stages
  • Type of fuel (we offer 100 Shell / Elf Atmo 102)
  • Arrival and departure of our team
  • Type and track surface (asphalt, gravel, snow)
  • Amount and type of tires (to use your own tires)



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